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SCA History

1973 - 2018

The Southern Campdrafting Association from a small beginning some 45 years ago, when a group of campdrafters and supporters got together and held a meeting in early March 1973 at Tumut. With their main aim to promote and foster campdrafting in the Southern area as they felt the Northern riders were well recognised but not the southern riders and to provide Insurance cover to its riders

The S.C.A has never lost sight of its main aim which is to provide Personal Accident Insurance for all its Members at a very affordable cost of $125.00 all inclusive and also provides Insurance for all S.C.A. Clubs in this 'Unique Australian Horse Sport of Campdrafting' where all generation's of the family male and female, can participate and enjoy.  Never forgetting that our members and clubs are the S.C.A. 

Strong and stable leadership under Past President's, such as Mr Lex Webb, Mr. Warren Clarke, Mr. Sonny Roots, Mr. Keith Whitsed, Mr. Ron Connley, Mr. Tom Ventry, Mr. Dennis Heywood, Mr Stephen Baxter, Mr Mark Barton, Mr Jamie Dowling and to the current President Mrs Gina Lincoln combined with a large number of Director's and committee men and women who have dedicated so many years to this Association, too many to be able to give them true justice in this small column, along with the Secretary's such as Mrs. Yvonne Faulder (14yrs), D. Ferguson, N & F Ward, A Gimbert, R. Rafters, Mrs. Linda Pigram and Tony and Marilyn Bowden (19yrs) who are the current Secretary, has seen our membership grow strongly from 48 members and 1 day member in 1973 to over 1,600 full members and over 400 draft permit holders in 2017-18 season with an average growth rate of 17% .

The number of clubs has fluctuated over the 45 years with eight clubs in 1973 to Fifty Three clubs this current year including New clubs on board for 2018-2019 season. The Directors set a business plan, which is reviewed each year to give direction and purpose in achieving the goals set which ensures the S.C.A's future is strong and continuing to grow. The Association covers a large area from Port Augusta in South Australia to Broken Hill in the North West N.S.W. down to West Wyalong in central west and onto the N.S.W Coast and southern N.S.W. as well as most of Victoria

Sponsorship has always been a huge part of the S.C.A with the many sponsors at the grass roots of the sport getting behind their local drafts to raise much needed funds for their local communities and charities. This has become a major focus for the Association each year with a variety of major Companies Sponsoring the SCA such as, Riverina, 'Landmark', Harold Boot Company as well as many individual Event sponsors for our Annual Presentation.

The SCA will also see a feature Campdraft held at Willinga Park each season, a Women In Campdraft Clinic. As well as the very popular SCA Annual Youth Camp, which is continuing to attract 80 to 100 Juniors & Juveniles plus their parents, this is also rotated between States.

Honour Roles

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  • Notice: The SCA as a Member of the NCCA hereby advises that all SCA Campdraft Events including Clinics are Cancelled effective imediately.  In line with Federal Government COVID-19 reccomendations. Further advice will be forthcoming as this unfolds.
  • see Event Program link for  Campdraft Programs & Clinics.
Competition Age Groups
Junior Competitors ARE:
8 years and under 13 years.
Juvenile Competitors ARE:
13 years and under 17 years

N.B: All Competitors under 18 years must wear Hardhats that comply with current Australian Safety Standards at all times whilst mounted. eg.3838 

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